#Craigslistjoe – Is Singapore the perfect case study?

Wonder if I can get someone from Craigslist to watch it with me

In today’s world where we are increasingly pulled into the depths of social media, are we becoming disaffected and estranged from our community at large? Is the very thing that connects us to the world (globalization), the same thing that is pushing us away from our neighbours?

I remember growing up in a community of open doors. As a kid growing up in Queenstown, I could walk into my neighbour’s homes as if it were my own. And they would welcome me with open arms and even feel like something is amiss if i didn’t turn up…

In a community of mixed cultures and religions, to me that was uniquely Singapore. But since then, with the expanding influence of the internet from Alamak to irc to ICQ and MSN to Friendster, YouTube and FaceBook… have we become more connected, yet disengaged from life?

CraigsList Joe seems to examine this ‘phenomenon’ in the states (USA). The chief subject, Joseph Garner travels for 31 Days with No Money, No Contacts and in the search for Endless possibilities just by living off Craigslist.

Seems really interesting…. maybe it’ll answer some of my questions..


2 comments on “#Craigslistjoe – Is Singapore the perfect case study?

    • I agree. I guess it’s one of the ironies of the “social” age. I might know more about someone thousands of miles away in awhile other continent through his twitter and Facebook….. But know nothing about my neighbor next door.

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