Costumes – What’s yours?

Finally I can be myself…

Costumes have become synonymous with Superheroes – and villains. They’re symbolic and representative of a cause, a concept, an ideal or even individuality.

Why do we take such joy in dressing up for Halloween or theme parties? Why is Cosplay appealing to more and more?

Are the masks and suits an outlet for us to escape our lives? A moment of escape? Or are we really shedding of the real costumes and makeup that we wear to “fit in” and finally show our true selves?
I never felt so alive as when I dressed up as the Joker…. the inhibitions flew away and so did the need to watch every word and step – I was FREE!

Finally I could be myself – dance along corridors if I wanted to, make a grand, flourishing entrance into a ballroom full of guests or simply let my hair down. People would say “he’s really getting into character”?

Ah but what if i’m not “in character”. That’s the REAL me – unrestrained from the conventions of society. I’m really “in costume” every other time you see me…

So what’s your costume? And who’s the real you?

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