5 Tips to Swag up your Office Space

A true Geek marks his territory with his Swag. And what better place to swag up than your work-space – be it a desk, cubicle or an office, a Geek mark his place with more than just an “X”. He marks it with SWAG!

So here’s 5 things that you can add to your space to show your Geek Pride!

1. The Mouse and Mousepad: Razer’s Goliathus and DeathAdder

The Razer Goliathus and DeathAdder

Glide, Point and Click through that Powerpoint.

The mouse and pad are the very basic tools of the trade. And a Razer Goliathus and DeathAdder in all its glowing goodness is just hard to be beat.

The DeathAdder comes packed with:

  • 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response
  • Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-Foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
  • And a GLOWING Razer logo – how cool is that??

The grip is great, however it is a right-handed design (sorry lefties), and fits really comfortably in your hand. I’ve bedn using mine for a couple of years now and I simply love it.

The Goliathus is a perfect complement to the DeathAdder comes in three sizes and a choice between “Speed” and “Control”. The mat is smooth and very durable. Comes in kick ass designs as well. I love it so much I have three.

When you’ve got these bad boys on your desk, frantically clicking through a Powerpoint presentation minutes to deadline, you know its not gonna freeze up on you. All you need now is a killer keyboard and you’re all set to rule MS Word. By the way did I mention that it GLOWS?


 2. A Letter Opener – Slice Office Politics in Half with The Game of Thrones

Open that envelope with one swift strike that even Ned Stark would be proud of.

HBO’s Game of Thrones has rocked our screens since jumping out of the pages of the George R. R. Martin series. Show the Lannisters, Baratheons, Starks and Greyjoys in the office you mean business.

A very decently crafted letter opener is sure to raise some eyebrows (in envy) as you slice through those bills, invoices, junk mail and the occasional death threat.


3. Declare your allegiance… with a Horde Pennant.

You sure you wanna come in here?

World of Warcraft is arguably the best Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Plating Game (MMORPG) to date. While its had its fair bit of competition… nothing’s really come close to really toppling its seat on the Throne.. and with its latest expansion, the Mists of Panderia, to be released soon, it doesn’t seem likely that its going to lose its crown anytime soon.

Now, the Horde (or Alliance) pennant is the perfect way to declare your allegiance. The pennant is about 1-metre long and was only available at BlizzCon. That fact that you have it is a claim to fame in itself. At the last check it was going close to USD$100 on eBay.

Hang it from your cubicle window and let them all know… they’re in Horde lands now. PVP rules apply!

4. Hmmm where did I put my pen?

I have such a headache…..

Running Late for that meeting and you can’t find a pen? Get a-head of the competition and never lose your pen again courtesy of the Merc-With-A-Mouth, The King of Glib, The Master of Mayhem, DEADPOOL!!

Now this is just frickin’ cool. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I can’t wait to make it mine.

Its open for pre-orders now from Gentle Giant at USD$99.13. This would make a perfect birthday present for… wel ME! *hint* *hint*

The perfect place to stick your everyday office needs like pens, pencils, markers and shurikens.

5. You know its gonna come in handy….

Keep it near…

By now I’m pretty sure we all know that the Zombie apocalypse will soon be upon us. And we’ll only have ourselves to blame if we’re being unprepared. Here’s something your office can’t do without….  emergency Firearms.

When the Zombies attack, be the one who’s prepared. Chances are it’s going to be you and 3 others. You’l have to battle your way through the Zombie hordes… running through shopping malls to get enough fuel to fill your car. And when your knocked to the ground this gun could be the difference between death or holding off the horde in time for one of your new best friends to save you.

But remember one thing…. don’t shoot the witch!

4 comments on “5 Tips to Swag up your Office Space

  1. Excellent piece of reading. I’ve been looking into ways to spruce up my work-space after purchasing a new office space in London recently. My last office was rather cluttered and generally lacking in fun.

    My employees and I are all generally huge nerds, so we’ll love these additions to the office. I especially adore the horde pennant, I think that will go down well with the troops haha.

    • Hey Emma!

      Sounds great. I’m always looking for new things to “swag up” my office cube. It really helps to de-stress.

      One of my mainstays now is a Worgen figure…. I look at it every time I pick up the phone 🙂

  2. I simply want to mention I am just all new to blogging and absolutely enjoyed your blog site. Likely I’m going to bookmark your blog . You really have excellent writings. Thanks a bunch for sharing with us your website.

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