Sweet Endings at Domino’s

Mikey always enjoys his slice….

So off I went to the farthest reaches of Singapore… Kovan – I’m a west-sider gimme a break – for my first Domino’s event. Yup, those pizza guys.

Of course growing up watching the Ninja Turtles really made pizza a special food for me. I really love my pizza… the meatier the better! But please hold the anchovies.

Getting there wasn’t too bad. Domino’s was just a 2 min walk away from Kovan MRT station. Upon reaching there were already a few other Omy invitees there and very soon we were all chatting among ourselves, waiting for the rest to arrive.

The Kovan branch had a whole lot more seating place than your average Domino’s. I usually frequent the one at Kiliney – there’s hardly any space to sit down. But then again Domino’s ARE the Delivery Specialists.

Before too long, Linda Hassan, Marketing Manager of Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, got the show on the road and brought out the food. And what a spread it was! Pizza after pizza after pizza… and garlic bread, onion rings, chicken and more pizza!

Food coma just waiting to happen…

While we were digging in, Linda explained how the pizzas and other food were made. Everything was oven baked! NO OIL – just natural infused jiuces! (Aaaaand now I’m hungry again) I guess it’s as healthy as pizza gets. The food was just fantastic! Domino’s really knows how to put out a spread and throw a (pizza) party.

I’ve eaten Domino’s several times. Pizza goes with SEVERAL themes and occasions – Gaming nights’, Football nights, ‘I’m too lazy to cook night’ and my favourite ‘I’m craving for Pizza night’!

The quality of the food served at the event was what you would normally get was similar in taste, quality AND quantity. Simply one of the BEST around.

The dish of the hour – Domino’s Caramel Sticky Dessert!

Crunchy sweet on the outside… moist and soft inside..

After we’d stuffed ourselves silly (…and immobile) it was time to end the feast with dessert.

Now this cake is made of finely chopped dates, has a sweet caramel crunch and very moist centre.

Truth is I’ve never been a fan of either dates or caramel. So I didn’t quite think that it would appeal to me. I would rather have their delicious Chocolate Lava Cake.

But after I dug in, it wasn’t too bad. Neither the caramel or the dates overpowered. It was a very decent blend. And the centre was extremely soft and easy to get down. If you love either caramel or dates… i’m pretty sure this would be a treat for you.

The Caramel Sticky Dessert is available for ala carte purchase @ $6.80 or an add-on option for just $3.80.

Alternatively, Domino’s latest ‘Sweet Indulgence Meal’ seems a good option. For $25 you get a regular pizza, a Caramel Sticky Dessert and Garlic Cheese Onion Rings.

Perfect for a quick energy spike or snack during a gaming session. Chances are that’s exactly what i’ll be doing this weekend!

Thanks Domino’s and Omy for the invite! Keep the pizzas… and desserts coming!


Me and my peeps!

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