Shopping Online? I’m sold on

Ok let me just put it out there…. I LOVE SHOPPING!

But what do you do when you can’t just walk into a store and get the things you want cause, they’re just never going to be brought in. The answer: Online Shopping!

Shopping might be stereotyped as the favourite past-time for the gals, but hey, boys love their toys. Even as i’m typing this I can’t help but think of that new gaming keyboard I wanna get – and maybe accessorise it with a matching mouse plus a badass gaming mat. And then we think about brands – do I want to go with Razer or Armaggeddon? That’s a conundrum right there…. and that’s how it all begins.

Surfing from site to site, review after review and possibly a whole weekend spent hopping from store to store. Second guessing and asking yourself the critical questions over and over again – response time vs sensitivity. Do I need that high a “DPI”? Am I gonna be using it for FPS or MMOs?? It’s taking shopping to whole other level – its a science! *This is usually where I get a mental breakdown and security has to haul me off.*

Over time I’ve started to realize that I spend more time shopping online than I do offline….. how’s that? Well, with online shopping, the WORLD is MY store! I can get stuff in from US, UK, Japan an wherever else cool stuff is born. Limited edition swag that turns heads more than two elephants ‘doin’ the dirty’. *Mariska Hargitay*

Soldger-ing Online…

Now recently I was invited by to attend the re-launch party at Hummerstons @ Robertson Walk for canapés and drinks. Nice food and drinks withstanding, I always approach such events with sceptically. Another online shopping site? Really? Ok…. go ahead…. impress me.

Practically, all my casual Friday tees were found online from pop-culture and gamer sites, while almost anything else I purchase is extensively researched on-line before purchase. While I’m usually pretty satisfied with the purchase, the whole process leaves me drained. So I’m no stranger to the online shopping multiverse. However, I have to say, the new site impresses.

Soldger Curation…

Before the launch party, I was privy to a little site visit of the Soldger HQ. Seems like I have more in common with these guys than I thought….

“One of the things that sets apart from all the other online shops is the idea of Soldger curation, meaning every product you see on the site was hand-chosen because of its craftsmanship, unique provenance, amazing aesthetics and unfailing qualities” said co-Founder and products team lead, Angeline Tham.

Normally I’d think that these were pretty lofty claims… but after a look around the HQ I realized that these dudes (and dudettes) were pretty col and knew how to have fun…. my kinda fun.

Check out the NERF gun and Superman cap….. ok Superman should have remained dead..

Why work when you have World of Warcraft close…oh so close…. must game now..

aaand another Nerf gun.. Maverick this time…. Zombie-proofing the office.

Angeline bringing us through the experience

Off to the launch

Back at Hummerstons there was a pretty decent turnout and co-Founder Tan Qiuyan took centre stage.

“The Shop and Sale sites will offer our customers immediate gratification. If they see something they like, they can make an instant purchase and have their purchase delivered right to their doorstep

On the other hand, not forgetting the shoppers who thrive on the strategic side of Auctions, they can shop via this channel where more exciting features will be added in the near future

The new will bring more choice to our users and allow them to experience entertainment shopping at its best”

Shopping entertainment at its best? Well this just might be it. I registered for an account and went to take a look at the region’s first multi-platform e-commerce model myself.

Adding to its pay-to-bid auction model, the team added two other e-commerce options: Shop – for the busy shopaholics, or Sale – for bargain hunters.

Perfect for the busy shopper…Curated just for you!

A BOSE SOUNDLINK!!!….. simply amazing sound quality… Pristine!

Just by looking at the products on sale, you can tell there’s something for everyone. From an Ionizer and ice trays to T-shirts, iPad cases and stuff for the audiophile in you.

At Shop they’ve got the site very nicely laid out with a section dedicated to gist ideas for Him and for Her and for Kids as well. There really is something for everyone.

Bargain hunters look no further

Cameras on sale…. I really do need to get one

At Sale you’ve got great stuff going for knockdown prices with the same extensive range as the Shop site.

All you have to do is log in and you can see the steal you’re getting. Think about it… a JBL Creature sound system for less tha $169 or a Polaroid camera for below $139… log in and check it out.

For the Camper/Sniper/Tactician for some trigger finger fun!

Stuff up for auction… wait is that a Macbook Pro I spy??

In  order to participate in the Auctions, it’s pretty simple. Actually that’s what I really like about the whole site. It’s pretty intuitive and almost anyone should be able to navigate easily.

The Auction mechanics require you to buy tokens to bid/play. Each token is then used to up your bid by the fixed amount determined by

The great thing is that there are auctions set up just for ‘newbies’. You can only qualify to bid if you’ve won less than 3 auctions which is pretty cool.

Time to give it a shot.

Seeing the great deals on the site… I decided to try out the auction fun myself….  didn’t win though *sigh*

Tried my hand… MacBook and Razer mouse

What some others won…at CRAZY prices

Gimme a break a PS3 AND FIFA 13 for only about $30+?? Gimme a break… now i’m depressed.

Well I might not have won at the auction, but the guys at have put together a primer to help ytou get started: The Beginner’s Guide.

Keeping in touch..

The team has also set up great avenues to hear YOUR views:


Twitter: or @Solddotsg


That’s all for now folks… time for me to go stalk out the new auctions. Here’s a couple more pics from the day’s events:

The party at Hummerstons

The wonderful products on display… I want that one… and that one… and that one… and that one

A Lego camera??…. It doesn’t come apart!!

Angeline and myself…. I’m the one on the left…. in case you haven’t figured that out yet. Got myself a nice little foldable keyboard.

The founders of Angeline the Gamer, Chiou Hao the Ironman and Qiuyan, Tennis Superstar

Myself and the other bloggers

The very cool and dynamic team

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