Merely Ice-Cream?… A Pleasant Understatement

Chancing Upon a Hidden Gem

Somewhere last week, after a long day slogging it out in the office, the wife and I headed down to Funan to get new gaming gear. After a bit of browsing we settled on the Armaggeddon Taranis Kai-13 gaming keyboard and a beautiful SteelSeries WoW mouse. We both couldn’t wait to get home and plug in the new toys, when we bumped into our good pal, Prometheus.

Somehow I always manage to bump into him whenever we’re out around town – i’m pretty sure he’s stalking me…. but then again, who wouldn’t?

So the three of us decided to make the best of the it and go get in a couple of rounds of L4D2. It’s really been a while since we shot us some zombies so we  decided to take a walk down to ParkLane. On our way there we chanced upon this really cool ice-cream joint – Merely – which was tucked away at Sunshine Plaza. And man, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked in. It was just our kinda place.

A nice setting with furniture made in the style of wooden palettes and comic art all over the place. Very simple, clean yet with its own distinct style. At 8pm, the place was quite filled and we decided to just get a couple of scoops and go game.

That Ice-Cream design on the window…. made from Post-It notes… Nice!

Pretty busy in the evening

The Return

A couple of days ago, my wife and I decided to lunch together. Since we were in the mood for some Thai we went down to Sunshine Plaza which has a couple of Thai places… not to mention hobby and toy shops as well. As we walked over to Sunshine Plaza, we came across Merely Ice-Cream again. And then the craving for cool cool ice-cream started…. the hot weather, Thai green curry and tom yum only made the craving worse.

Quickly wolfing down our lunch we found ourselves back in Merely again. And this time, there wasn’t much of a crowd so we could really get a good look at the place. I have to say that aesthetically, it has a very understated appeal.

Very understated…

Fantastic artwork on the tables

…with even more great artwork on the wall… Avengers ASSEMBLE!

Time For Some Ice-Cream

They have a decent selection of flavours from evergreen favourites Madagascar Vanilla and Dark Chocolate to Horlicks Panda and Salted Butterscotch. If you’re in the mood for something with a dash of alcohol, they have the classic Rum & Raisin and Bailey’ Cream.

I decided to get myself a waffle with a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla (I only take Vanilla with my waffles), while the wifey got herself a scoop of Dark Chocolate. Now any decent ice-cream joint needs to get their basics right and i’ve tasted some bad Vanilla before.

I’m happy to say that Merely didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too icy and relatively creamy. The waffle wasn’t overdone – unlike a certain waffle joint, which I will not name, in the Thomson area that served simply horrible waffles.

All in all a very nice little joint, that serves probably the best ice-cream in the area. Perfect for the students around the area to cool off, and for older folks like me who like a nice place to chill – I simply love the artwork in the place.

The flavours of Merely

Not overdone…. just nice

So if you’re ever in the area, and in the mood for some tasty decently priced ice-cream, head down to Sunshine Plaza and give Merely a shot. Let me know what you think.

More Pics of Merely Ice-Cream

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