Keorfas is a self-proclaimed geek-4-life and a Mac-whore.  His claim to Geekdom began in 1991 upon reading his first X-Men comic. Since then he has ventured into dark dungeons and pit his wits and skills against dragons in D&D, taken on fellow geeks in the arena that is Magic the Gathering, spent countless hours travelling throughout the lands of Azeroth in the World of Warcraft and found a kindred spirit in the form of Marvel’s Deadpool.

A communications major in journalism and public relations, he’s stayed true to his passion and continues to pursue his career as a PR professional.

He’s also had much experience in managing organizational service standards.

Prior to setting up ‘Journey into Geekdom’, Keorfas married his love for writing and soccer as a blogger, providing opinions and analysis, for for the 2010/11 Premier League Season. Influenced by the music of U2, Keorfas was also one-half (lead vocals) of local band Blind Ambition (on long hiatus).



What I am….

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