How to deal with obnoxious kids… especially if they take up Nursing rooms

So this video, about two young boys refusing to budge from a Nursing Room in a public library, has been making it’s rounds around little Singapore.

Dealing with your little ones is tough enough without having others adding to the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Especially early parenthood – before the ‘off the table eating’ phase and ‘Mommy I need to go poo poo’ phase. Before that everything is basically on manual mode and you need to keep to feed times – harder if you’re breastfeeding – and the only warning that they’ve taken a crap is the awful stench that only baby poo can generate.

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An Empire Falls…. Call Him Master

After I heard the news that Disney acquired LucasFilm and “Star Wars” from George Lucas for over $4bn…. I knew that one day the Mouse would rule us all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

All alone with the world at your feet

Sometimes you can’t help but feel alone, even when you’re surrounded by people. In fact, it amplifies the feeling of loneliness.

Whenever I see this photo (of my son) I can’t help but wonder what was going through his mind. One thing for sure…. He’ll Never Walk Alone….