An Empire Falls…. Call Him Master

After I heard the news that Disney acquired LucasFilm and “Star Wars” from George Lucas for over $4bn…. I knew that one day the Mouse would rule us all.

Merely Ice-Cream?… A Pleasant Understatement

Chancing Upon a Hidden Gem

Somewhere last week, after a long day slogging it out in the office, the wife and I headed down to Funan to get new gaming gear. After a bit of browsing we settled on the Armaggeddon Taranis Kai-13 gaming keyboard and a beautiful SteelSeries WoW mouse. We both couldn’t wait to get home and plug in the new toys, when we bumped into our good pal, Prometheus.

Somehow I always manage to bump into him whenever we’re out around town – i’m pretty sure he’s stalking me…. but then again, who wouldn’t?

So the three of us decided to make the best of the it and go get in a couple of rounds of L4D2. It’s really been a while since we shot us some zombies so we  decided to take a walk down to ParkLane. On our way there we chanced upon this really cool ice-cream joint – Merely – which was tucked away at Sunshine Plaza. And man, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked in. It was just our kinda place.

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Swag Watch – Super up your cuffs @ Triple One Somerset – sugaRRush


Amy of SugaRRush with cool Black Spidey cufflinks

So I was walking round town, as I do every once in a while, and came across this little stall right beside Applebees at Triple One Somerset.

So if you’re tired of those plain old cuff links? Wanna give in to the inner-geek, show your fandom pride for your favorite super hero or just wanna be different? These cuff links might just Super up your drab shirt.

These real cool, new & shiny superhero cuff links are swinging in @ $25 a pair. I hear Iron Man might be blasting his way in as well!

So drop on by to Triple One somerset to get yourself a pair till 7 July or drop them an email at