An Empire Falls…. Call Him Master

After I heard the news that Disney acquired LucasFilm and “Star Wars” from George Lucas for over $4bn…. I knew that one day the Mouse would rule us all.

5 Tips to Swag up your Office Space

A true Geek marks his territory with his Swag. And what better place to swag up than your work-space – be it a desk, cubicle or an office, a Geek mark his place with more than just an “X”. He marks it with SWAG!

So here’s 5 things that you can add to your space to show your Geek Pride!

1. The Mouse and Mousepad: Razer’s Goliathus and DeathAdder

The Razer Goliathus and DeathAdder

Glide, Point and Click through that Powerpoint.

The mouse and pad are the very basic tools of the trade. And a Razer Goliathus and DeathAdder in all its glowing goodness is just hard to be beat.

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