Shopping Online? I’m sold on

Ok let me just put it out there…. I LOVE SHOPPING!

But what do you do when you can’t just walk into a store and get the things you want cause, they’re just never going to be brought in. The answer: Online Shopping!

Shopping might be stereotyped as the favourite past-time for the gals, but hey, boys love their toys. Even as i’m typing this I can’t help but think of that new gaming keyboard I wanna get – and maybe accessorise it with a matching mouse plus a badass gaming mat. And then we think about brands – do I want to go with Razer or Armaggeddon? That’s a conundrum right there…. and that’s how it all begins. Continue reading

Skate Like a Pro – Tricks to Impress Anyone

Journey Into Geekdom’s first video! Showcasing skateboarding tricks such as the Board-stand, Manual, Board-slide, Kick-flip, Hand-plant, and Shove-it. Hope you like it. And if you haven’t noticed yet….we really don’t take ourselves seriously.