How to deal with obnoxious kids… especially if they take up Nursing rooms

So this video, about two young boys refusing to budge from a Nursing Room in a public library, has been making it’s rounds around little Singapore.

Dealing with your little ones is tough enough without having others adding to the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Especially early parenthood – before the ‘off the table eating’ phase and ‘Mommy I need to go poo poo’ phase. Before that everything is basically on manual mode and you need to keep to feed times – harder if you’re breastfeeding – and the only warning that they’ve taken a crap is the awful stench that only baby poo can generate.

It’s a real relief that Nursing Rooms are popping up in more shopping malls and public places. But when these rooms are taken up by others who have no need for them and refuse to budge ‘just because’… it irks me to no end.

So what do you do when stuff like that happens?

Check if they actually understand you

Now the last thing you’d want is to get into a misunderstanding if they don’t understand what you’re saying. So let Chris Tucker show you the way:

Now these kids obviously knew what was going on. So you get to the root of the problem (i.e.: the 2 boys) and remove them like the weeds they are. My three recommended options:

1. Send them back to school

Take it from Archie. A well placed smack will send them back to school where they’ll learn some manners.

2. Make them apologise

Do it the Ari way and give them the “Gold Standard”… Bring them back down to earth:

3. If all else fails… make them pay

Take a room away from the babies… here’s Stewie to show you how you get the room back:

Parenting is tough… don’t make it harder…. ‘Nuff said.

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